The Importance of Creating a Culture of Employee Hygiene Excellence

Get tools that go beyond physical hygiene zones and processes to establish a unified mindset across your organization that puts food safety at the forefront of the business.


The Importance of Achieving Footwear Hygiene Excellence

Achieve footwear hygiene excellence at your facility with tools that help establish and reinforce proper footwear hygiene behaviors at your organization.


Best Practices in Achieving Hand Hygiene Excellence

Achieve hand hygiene excellence at your facility with tools that help establish and reinforce proper handwashing behaviors at your organization.


Employee Hygiene Program Design

Get tools to help design and implement a comprehensive hygiene program at your business from facility layout to processes and procedures.


Hygiene Program Validation

Validate your organization's hygiene program and test hand and footwear hygiene methods to measure the health of your employee hygiene culture.


Ongoing Employee Hygiene Program Reinforcement

Get tools to reinforce your organization's culture of hygiene excellence and learn best practices for safety days and other hygiene retraining days.

From farm to fork, we believe that food safety should be at the core of every decision that is made in the food manufacturing industry. However, many recommendations overlook the single greatest risk to ensuring food safety: the variability of human behavior in following employee hygiene and sanitation SOPs. That's why Food Safety Magazine and Meritech have partnered to provide a comprehensive toolbox filled with resources you can use today to truly change employee behaviors and create a culture of hygiene excellence.

Employee Hygiene Toolbox

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Valuable New Content Released Throughout the Year
For Every Member of Your Organization

Designed to help you create a culture of hygiene excellence at your organization, the Employee Hygiene Toolbox includes six modules that will be released throughout the year. Each module will explore a core component of building a hygiene culture and include educational articles from Food Safety Magazine as well as ready-to-use tools, templates, and guides from the hygiene experts at Meritech. In order to truly cultivate a culture of hygiene excellence, every level in your organization must be aligned with your shared vision for food safety and fully engaged in the behavior change. That’s why we’ve designed these modules to include content that is tailored to each level of your organization: executives, middle management, production team leaders and production team members.

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